benefits of cooperation

Use the benefits of a business partnership with an organization bearing the label "Protected workplace - workshop". Every employer who employs 25 or more employees has - according to the Act of 13 May 2004 on employment - Collection: 435/2004 - the obligation to employ 4% of employees with a changed working capacity (ZPS). For failure to fulfill this solidarity obligation, it is necessary to pay a levy (for 2015 in the amount of CZK 62,948, for 2016 it will rise to the amount of CZK 64,758 for one employee with a disability).

An alternative to the employment of disabled persons is the so-called substitute fulfillment of the mandatory share in the sense of § 81 of Act No. 435/2004 Coll., the possibility of purchasing products or services from the employer, more than 50% of disabled persons (in a value corresponding to the amount of CZK 181,321 on the paid invoice in 2016 for one PWD).

The mentioned methods can be combined with each other and included in the annual report to the Labor Office. The number of employees for calculation purposes is monitored in the average recalculated number; details are regulated by § 18 of the Decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic No. 518/2004 Coll. In order to limit the so-called "over-invoicing", the law contains 2 limits on the provided replacement performance.

​ The limit of provided substitute performance to all customers in a calendar year (amount CZK 932,508, multiplied by the recalculated number of PWDs employed by the substitute service provider for the previous calendar year).
• Annual limit of provided substitute performance to each individual customer (a multiple of CZK 181,321 and the actual number of disabled persons employed by the provider for the previous calendar year). In practice, we recommend securing a suitable guarantee or at least a declaration of compliance with legal limits from the provider of substitute performance.

The last option, which is more of a sanction, is a financial levy to the state treasury according to the provisions of this law. Employers - Do you have more than 25 employees? Rather than paying taxes (fines) to the state, it is better to work with Horizont-Nare s.r.o. order goods or services that you would buy anyway, and thus save at the same time!

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To make a contribution, you need to fill out the application, which you can find at the link below. The subsequently submitted application includes at least two price offers for special aids. Since the applicant must pay 10% of the requested amount from their own resources (the so-called co-payment), part of our offer is also consulting on how to obtain this amount from other sources. This withdrawal is realized if the order is carried out by our company.

Because insufficient or too low amounts are set by law for the purchase of special aids, such as vertical lifting platforms or special stair climbers, we offer help in financing an amount that exceeds the limit of 350 thousand CZK or 400 thousand CZK. We provide initial information on how to solve this issue in writing by e-mail or by phone: Ing. Dušan Polášek - 604 271 632,, or on the "green line" 800 10 10 73, Mrs. Dehierová - 604 687 730,

Act No. 329/2011 Coll. on the provision of benefits to persons with disabilities and on changes to related laws:
Decree No. 388/2011 Coll. on the implementation of certain provisions of the Act on the provision of benefits persons with disabilities:
Act No. 435/2004 Coll. on employment:

Together we are already creating a barrier-free world 20 years!

The company HORIZONT – NARE s.r.o. offers services to physically disabled citizens through its product range. We provide consultancy and solutions for all barrier approaches for severe health disability card. We are a Czech company that designs, manufactures, sells, and installs compensation aids for immobile people.

We have been here since a year 2003.

We have been helping you create a barrier-free world for over 20 years with our team of experts since 2003.

Personal access.

Together with our team and partners, we help you professionally solve your problems with barrier-free access every day.

The only one in Czech Republic

We are the only manufacturers of the CLIMBER stair climber in the country with the designation "Czech product" and "Industrial utility model."

Almost 2,000 projects.

We have completed nearly 2,000 projects, both in the territory of the Czech Republic and, for example, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Estonia.

Representation in regions

The main office in Havířov is used for personal and telephone contact with clients from all over the country. Contact in important regional centers is ensured by our 7 sales representatives.

We operate throughout the Czech Republic

We operate throughout the Czech Republic and also export abroad. Specifically, we export to Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Saudi Arabia.

We are a Protected workplace

Since 2003, our company has been labeled "Protected Workplace". We employ more than 50% of people with disabilities.

Partner H-M in the Czech Republic

For the Czech Republic, we have acquired the exclusive representation of the Belgian company HANDI-MOVE, which offers ceiling and wall systems.

Free consultation

Consultations are carried out on site by our expert advisers without obligation and free of charge, or you can call us and we will be happy to advise you over the phone.

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